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Junior and Senior Infants

 We have had a very busy January and February in the Infant room.

We have learnt all about being a good friend in Zippy's Friends and have been working really hard at being a great friend to all members of our class and also getting to know everyone, not just our close friends.

In Art we painted some really bright pictures to start off the New Year and we had great fun using sponges to print and make pictures with. They brighten up the corridors on the dark mornings! We also painted some "Funky Fish," as we were learning the letter 'f,' in English and they are hanging on our windows!

In Gaeilge we spent time learning lots of action words and we realised just how many actions we can do and how quickly we can do them!

We had lots of fun with our Science experiment where we discovered, using ice cubes where the hottest place in our classroom was. It was lots of fun watching which place the ice cubes melted first at! We also planted poppy seeds and watch everyday to see if they have grown yet.

We are so proud of the beautiful Write a Books that we created individually for submitting in the competition. A LOT of careful hard work was put into making them and we are so excited and proud of all our efforts! We are looking forward to looking through books created by other schools and reading their stories.

In our outdoor assembly we led the school singing 2 hymns this month- 'A smile is something when you give it away,' and' The wise man built his house upon a rock!'

We had a fundraiser pyjama day to end a wonderful January and it was SO much fun to introduce our teddies to all our friends!