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5th & 6th Class

We have been learning about two specific topics in Irish history, a focus on The  Famine  and  Dublin  Tenement  Housing  in  the  early  20th Century.    We read “Under the Hawthorn Tree” and also we used the 1901 and 1911 census to  see  how  many  people  lived  in  various  houses  and  what  other  information was recorded.  We went to visit 14, Henrietta Street –Emily Eyres wrote a report (below).

It was a fascinating place and brought Dublin Tenements to life  for  us!     

 In  PE  we  are  doing  Futsal  and  also  Tag  Rugby  with  Leinster Rugby,  we  are  getting  very  fit!    In  art  we  have  produced  some  lovely paintings as we are learning how to build up a picture step by step.

Visit to Henrietta Street by Emily Eyres

We went to Number 14 Henrietta Street, it’s a very tall and big house.  We saw rooms that once had 13 people living in that one room.  They had mattresses made of horse hair and used coats as duvets.  The hallways were completely dark so if you were going up the stairs you had to bang on the stairs to scare the rats and mice away!  I learned that children used to tie a rope on to a lamp post and swing around.  There was one toilet out in the yard for one hundred people so you had a chamber pot in your flat.  You had to wash your clothes in the same bath you had your weekly bath in, and you shared the bathwater with your whole family! The last tenant left in 1979!