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5th & 6th Class


Halloween Safety

Two guards named Niamh Colfer and John O’Shea visited our school on the 20th of October. We learned about the dangerous things that can happen at Halloween. We learned about bonfires and fireworks and more. They told us that people can make a firework in under a second and some people can use fireworks to do bad things like putting them on animals. We also found out bonfires can put CO2 into the air which is bad for the environment.

By Leeroi

Maths Week

The week before midterm was Maths Week. Every morning Ms. Keane wrote up maths challenges on the board. Throughout the day, we had chances to figure them out. If somebody got the challenge correct they got a dojo point. Maths week was really fun and it was a great chance for everyone to learn more maths. By Olivia

Litter Picking

On the 15th October we went litter picking. We picked up rubbish at the front and the back of the school. We filled 3 bags of rubbish and cleaned up our school

By Alisher


For art this month we have done a lot of cool art lessons. We did Halloween-themed lessons. In one of them we got to draw a Halloween silhouette and it was so fun. In another we all got to design our own sugar skulls for the Day of the Dead. We then learned about the artist Tim Burton and drew portraits inspired by his style of drawing with charcoal. We also have entered quite a few art competitions, one was a Halloween one where we had to draw a haunted house and the other was based on the word ‘Imagine’ so we could draw whatever we wanted. I think all these lessons were really fun and I really enjoyed it.

By Jasmine