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3rd & 4th Class


In January, we learned about China. We did some Chinese art work and we learnt about the country. For art work, we painted pandas. They are very cute. Then for Chinese New Year, we made lanterns out of paper! The we learnt about China in our History book. It was very interesting and fun!

By Sophia

The Normans

In February, we did a project about the Normans. It was very fun. We learned a lot about the Normans as well. In Art, we made castles and towers out of clay.

By James


In February we did Gymnastics in PE. The first day we learned how to do the log/pencil, egg and the James Bond roll. The second day we did the dish arched, forward and teddy bear roll. On the last day we did the Wonder Woman roll and lots of fun balances. It was a blast!

By Ellen


In 3rd and 4th Class we made 3D shapes out of nets and customised them. We also made Angle finders and we decorated them and did an angle hunt! It was so fun!

By Elizabeth

The Boy at the Back of the Class

Ms Walker has read this book to us called ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’. The book is written by Onjali Q. Rauf. The book has won the Blue Peter Best Story Award. Onjali has written other books such as ‘The Star Outside My Window’ and ‘The Night Bus Hero’. We really recommend this book to anyone. It is very inspiring. If you like refugees you’ll love this book!

By Isabella

Green Code

In February we made a song called Green Code to the tune f ‘We Will Rock You’ for the Green Schools Committee. We are trying to get our next green flag ‘Global Citizenship, Litter and Waste’. We sang it to the school and the whole class sang it to a Green Schools Visitor. Stay tuned to see if we get our next green flag!

 By Harvey