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1st & 2nd Class

 Lola has been chosen to represent 1st and 2nd class on the school Green Schools committee. She has already taken part in Green Schools meetings and helped facilitate a survey on all the different nationalities that are represented in our school. She is doing a great job of relaying all the Green Schools information to the rest of the class after her meetings.

3rd - 9th October was Fire Safety Week. We discussed how we could be safer around electrical items and what to do in the event of a fire. In September, we practiced a school fire drill, so we decided it would be a good idea to have a fire plan in place at home too.

7th October was National Tree Day. Junior and Senior Infants planted a Cherry Tree sapling so we used the computers to research facts about cherry trees and what the fully grown tree will look like - leaves, flowers and seeds.

1st and 2nd created beautiful art pieces for the Credit Union art competition. The theme of the competition was Imagine. We closed our eyes and pictured whatever our imagination came up with. Enjoy looking through our creations below and the names of the pieces.

We are really enjoying our dance classes every Monday with our dance teacher Elaine. We have learned some cool new moves to various pop songs (“Run Like The River” was really fun!) and to “The Monster Mash”. Elaine even showed us how we could dance with silk scarves.

We are so lucky to have new additions to the trim trail. The sandpit and the wavy bridge have been so fun to use at break times. We have been putting in an extra effort recently to play with everyone in our class and to be kind at all times on the yard.

1st and 2nd class have been preparing for Halloween with our wonderful art pieces. We have been studying the colour wheel, especially the primary and secondary colours. We then looked at the abstract style of Piet Mondrian who used only primary colours in his spider web paintings. We don’t think our spiders look too scary! We also painted Halloween silhouettes to add to our decorations around the classroom. We think they look very effective.

We also made Halloween pumpkins as part of our Science investigation. We mixed vinegar and baking soda which released a gas that inflated our balloons, creating our Halloween pumpkins!