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1st & 2nd Class

Write a Book

1st and 2nd class have been busy planning, drafting, editing and publishing their own books. Everyone created their own unique story, designed covers and wrote blurbs. Our books were sent to another school to read them and in return we got to read some wonderful stories written by other 2nd class pupils. We enjoyed the whole process of creating a book and couldn’t believe that another class would be reading the stories that we wrote.

Letters from 1st and 2nd class

Thank you and well done to all those who wrote letters to our class while they have had to stay at home. While you were away, we enjoyed reading your letters and looking at the pictures you drew for the class. We always enjoy receiving letters in our class!

<Drama from the Ark Cultural Centre

We watched a performance called “Tracks in the Snow” by the Henry Girls. We enjoyed the relaxing music and found the experience very entertaining. 

There have been many festivals and celebrations since we returned to school that we have been learning about.

Australia Day

We learned all about Australian animals and some Australian songs to celebrate Australia day. We even asked Carol lots of questions about what it is like to live in Australia. We used cotton buds to create Australian inspired dot paintings.

Chinese New Year 

Sam brought in some traditional clothes that he would wear to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Miss Nolan and Sam also brought in some decorations for our classroom. We read about the legend of the Chinese Zodiac called “The Great Race”. 2022 is the year of the Tiger. We found out that our class was born in either the year of the Snake (2013) or the Horse (2014)

Saint Brigid's Day

For Saint Brigid’s day we read a story about her and recreated some Saint Brigid’s day crosses using pipe cleaners instead of traditional rushes. We think ours look a lot more colourful!

Valentines Day

For Valentines day we created Kandinsky inspired Heart Art. These look really effective on our display board. We also made pop up cards to surprise someone on Valentines day.

Flowers are blooming

Our crocus bulbs that we planted in November are flowering! They are beautiful and yellow. They really brighten up the garden and we can see them from our classroom window. We remember to water them if it hasn’t rained in a while.

Thank you Sophie!

We were so lucky to have Sophie in our school on work experience. She read with us and helped us in PE. She is really good at gymnastics and showed us how to do some rolls. Sophie even did an art lesson with us which we loved. We made some cherry blossom finger paint trees, just in time for spring!